About OKIE811

Safety Days

OKIE811 and key industry stakeholders would like to invite you to participate in the OKIE811 Safety Days. OKIE811 is coordinating a public safety awareness event that offers excavators, contractors and facility owners/operators an opportunity to see and hear a profound experience emphasizing proper use of the 811-notification system, safe excavation practices, and response actions to take in the event of damages.

OKIE811 has coordinated these Safety Days to include:

  • Large equipment demonstrations
  • Industry related Breakout sessions
  • Lunch and giveaways
  • Meeting and networking with utility, pipeline, oil & gas, first responders, municipalities, county and construction personnel across the region. 

About OKIE811

OKIE811 is Oklahoma’s One-Call System that manages all incoming locate requests. We receive requests from those that call 811 or from those that go online to our website and submit a web ticket. This is a FREE SERVICE and there is NO CHARGE to the excavator.

OKIE811 also provides safety and damage prevention services designed to promote public awareness about the importance of protecting our underground facilities.

Overall, OKIE811 provides valuable tools and resources in preventing damages to public services. Our major strength is the commitment, dedication of our members to support the damage prevention message and to contact OKIE811 before you dig.

safety day includes

large equipment demonstrations

natural disaster preparation

industry networking across the region

free lunch and awesome giveaways