Breakout Sessions

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Check out our range of Breakout sessions covering a wide variety of topics and all led by industry experts.

Planning Safety into Your Day

Ben Montoya – Tri-State Safety 

We’ll discuss:

  • Risk tolerance
  • the definition of S.A.F.E.T.Y.
  • Attitude and it’s effects
  • Accountability
  • Leadership and the role you play

This course is a must for any worker in any industry, as it’s all our responsibilities to assure we, and our co-workers make it safe home. This is accomplished by supporting and reinforcing the ideaology that by being a positive safety leader, other people will follow in your footsteps.

Heavy Equipment Excavation Safety

Scott Mason – Heavy Equipment Colleges of America

Heavy Equipment excavation has unique concerns that you need to be aware of to stay safe. This session will discuss:

  • The greatest risk at an excavation
  • How to protect workers from cave-ins
  • Factors that pose a hazard to employees working in excavations

Drone Impact on the Utility Sector

Rusty Steele – Halff Associates

Through the various applications such as inspection and asset inventory, the utility sector is realizing the many operational, maintenance, and safety gains with this disruptive technology. This ever changing environment needs continued discussion to capitalize on the vast abilities while maintaining safe and best practices.

Building the Best You

Brandon Sternadel – Plains All American Pipeline

Is it really possible to be happy, healthy, and prosperous? This session will tell how YOU can take control of your destiny. By taking charge of your life and climbing the stairway to success you will discover that YOU, not other people or circumstances determine your future.

Accident Claims

Robin Toole – USA Construction Co., Inc.

Help! We’ve hit a utility line. Now what?

We all know accidents happen no matter how hard we try to avoid them. Do you have a process in place to ensure that your personnel know what to do and how to document the accident?

Please join Robin as she shares the process to document the cut line and how best to work with your insurance company or the facility line owner and/or their insurance company.

Record Keeping 101

Betsey Kulakowski – Oklahoma Safety Council

This session will provide an overview of the OSHA requirements, covering: who is required to keep records, how to keep records for multiple locations, what is considered “work related”, what case are recordable, what cases must be reported to OSHA, and much more. This class is ideal for top management and personnel who may be involved in recordkeeping, hazard reporting, and worker safety. Ideal for managers, supervisors and anyone who maintains records or does Worker’s comp.

Locating Underground Lines

Jason Crowe – Green Equipment Company

This an overview of the technology used to properly locate and mark underground lines. This breakout session is an introduction to what will be covered in Friday’s Utility Locating training class.

Fall Protection

Demarcus Strange – ReSolve Resources

This awareness training teaches your employees how to recognize and respond to workplace hazards that result in slips, trips, and falls.

H2S Standards

Demarcus Strange – ReSolve Resources

PEC H2S Clear course prepares general industry workers by providing crucial knowledge of the dangers of H2S and the precautions, tools and controls necessary when working in H2S environments.

Confined Spaces

Carl Gray – City of Lawton

This training covers how to identify, evaluate and control hazards; protective equipment; and rescue procedures.

Personal Protective Equipment

Rene Soto – Aztec Safety

This training covers PPE Hazard Assessments and Certification Statements, and types of PPE and how to use them.

Safety Education Using Technology

Jay Stephens – Damage Prevention Academy

Use of online or digital safety training can help your company save money and more importantly keep your workers safe. Learn about new technology to keep your workforce engaged and learning the best practices for a safe culture.

Electric Safety

Garrett Bernethy – OG&E

This training covers types of electrical injuries and protecting employees who work on or near to electrical conductors and equipment.

ISNetworld - Global Leader in Contractor Management Services

ISN Staff

Many companies require contractors to be registered with ISN. We will discuss the importance of regulatory and hiring requirements for work in Oklahoma.

811 Law Updates

M.G. Govia – OKIE811

How the updates to the Oklahoma Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act might affect your company.

Locate Request - Direct Submission Training

Jerrell Welch & Renelle Freeman – OKIE811

Your time is important! Eliminate delays in the locate request process; become an OKIE811 Direct Submitter to submit your own locate request!   In this session you will be trained for Direct Submission via the OKIE811 Portal, enabling you to submit Normal Locate Requests directly to the underground facility owners & operators.

GIS Utilization

Tyler Dunlap & Jan Jenkins – OKIE811

Check out this session to see how member facility mapping and excavator dig site mapping work together to ensure safe tickets are going to the right people.

We will also dive into using Google Earth to map underground facilities and provide service areas to OKIE811. Including:

  • How to draw and edit the points, lines, and polygons.
  • How to use different tools (ex. measure tool).
  • How to save, export, and maintain an ongoing map.
  • How to rubber-sheet a sheet map.

811 Round Table Discussion

M.G. Govia & Representatives of Utility Owners and Contractors

We will share best practices on complying with the Oklahoma Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act (OUFDPA) and preventing damage to underground assets. Our panel will be one-call contacts with various member companies sharing how they handle asset registration, locate request completion, and public awareness reporting.

OKIE811 Safety Partnerships

M.G. Govia – OKIE811

Want to be more involved in providing damage prevention or safe excavation training in Oklahoma? How about brand recognition for professional excavators and utility owners?  Come discuss opportunities for your company to partner with OKIE811 for safe digging in Oklahoma!

OKIE811 Member Portal

OKIE811 Member Services

The OKIE811 member portal is a powerful resource that provides access to the tools you need to meet your safety and damage prevention goals. Using the portal, members can respond to locate requests, search for existing tickets, view ticket counts, pull a report of ticket details and so much more. Join us for an illustration on how to use each feature available in the portal.