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Thursday, March 7

Breakout Sessions

Our objective is to provide high-quality content tailored for professional excavators, damage prevention experts, and our members. At our one-day expo, participants can select from 10 informative sessions. We are excited about your involvement and eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you. Please explore the breakout sessions listed below.

Collaborative Training Initiatives

10:15- 11:00     Oklahoma E

Randy Snyder,  OCC     

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission serves as the enforcing authority for the Oklahoma Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act. To enhance safety and promote compliance with the law, OCC has established a dedicated damage prevention team overseeing excavation practices near pipelines in Oklahoma. Discover the collaborative efforts between OCC and OKIE811 as we present training initiatives designed to ensure the well-being of individuals and foster adherence to regulatory guidelines.

Smart Savings Strategies: Empowering Members to Maximize OKIE811 Benefits

11:30- 12:15     Sooner A/B

Member Services Team, OKIE811

Participate in our discussion as we explore strategies to minimize your expenses and enhance cost-saving measures. Discover practical insights and effective approaches to optimize your financial resources, ultimately contributing to significant savings.

Design and Survey Compliance: Navigating Changes and Communication Strategies for Facility Operator/Owners

11:30- 12:15     Boomer A/B

GIS Team, OKIE811

Starting November 1, 2023, facility operator/owners must promptly respond to design/survey notices within 14 calendar days, providing either physical markings at the site, facility mapping, or both. During this period, no excavation is allowed. Join our breakout session to gain insights into the implementation of this process and learn effective communication strategies with facility owners for engineering and surveying requirements. Understand the requirements and best practices to ensure compliance and facilitate seamless collaboration in addressing design and survey needs within the stipulated timeframe.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Promoting a Culture of Safety

11:30- 12:15     Oklahoma G/H

M.G. Govia, OKIE811

I address the challenge of presenting on damage prevention and safe excavation, despite lacking direct experience in such work in my past. I share my journey of stepping into this role with a conceptual understanding of its importance but without hands-on experience. The discussion delves into the personal struggle with imposter syndrome that I encountered and continue to navigate as I navigate this domain.

Membership Q&A: Navigating Member Responsibilities for Damage Prevention

1:30 – 2:15     Sooner A/B

Member Services Team, OKIE811

This training session is tailored to equip operators with practical solutions to frequently encountered challenges in damage prevention. Attendees will acquire actionable knowledge on essential strategies and protocols geared towards safeguarding underground utilities during excavation near facilities. Key topics include safety measures, regulatory compliance, and optimizing communication with excavators. Through in-depth exploration of common queries, participants will elevate their grasp of damage prevention, empowering them to execute efficiency operating strategies with safety as the focus.

Ticket Entry

1:30 – 2:15     Boomer A/B

Contact Center, OKIE811

Initiating a locate request with OKIE811 in Oklahoma involves submitting information online to identify and mark underground utilities before any excavation. This process helps ensure safety and compliance with regulations by allowing utility providers to locate and mark their facilities, preventing accidental damage during excavation activities.

Claim Your Seat at the Table

1:30 – 2:15     Oklahoma G/H

James Cross, Energy Worldnet

The utility industry has an influx of new and young talent who seek opportunity unlike any group before. By creating a culture built around thought leadership, young and emerging talent can both serve the industry that serves them and learn alongside thought leaders in the industry.

No More Excuses: How the Digital Revolution Is Solving the Abandoned Line Challenge

2:45 – 3:30     Sooner A/B

Chris Stovall, Line-Scape

Explore a compelling case study showcasing how the digital revolution successfully addressed challenges related to abandoned lines for one of the largest pipeline companies in the U.S. Gain valuable insights into the transformative power of digital solutions and their impact on the industry’s future. This session provides an opportunity to learn from real-world experiences and understand the potential of embracing digital advancements in addressing complex issues within the pipeline sector.

Best Practices Regarding Damage Claims

2:45 – 3:30     Boomer A/B

Jim Proszek, Hall Estill

When addressing utility damage incidents, challenges arise as first responders seek to document the cause and identify the responsible party, especially during coordination with the claims department. The delay between the safety-focused initial response and subsequent investigation can introduce complications. Clear and precise communication about the damage’s location and timing is vital, as discrepancies may arise between field reports and later assessments by claims personnel. Ensuring accurate identification of liable parties involves thorough scrutiny of one call tickets, searches for excavation history, and a review of municipal or homeowner records.

Building a Safety-First Culture: Mindset Matters in Excavation Work

2:45 – 3:30     Oklahoma G/H

Hunter Askew, OMAG – Risk Management Specialist

Engaging in excavation work poses significant safety risks, emphasizing the need for a vigilant mindset. This presentation is pivotal in fostering a safety-conscious culture on job sites. Delving into the hazards associated with excavation, it provides essential insights into cultivating the right mindset for every employee involved in this critical work.