Safety & Certification Workshops

Attendees will be presented completion cards upon finishing the course.

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Participate in the Annual Oklahoma Excavation Safety Expo, a unique opportunity for industry professionals, excavators, and underground utility owners to collaborate. Safety experts share insights to enhance expertise for safe, damage-free worksites.


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Wednesday, March 6

9am - 4:30pm

Join OKIE811 and our expert trainers to acquire vital knowledge about Excavation and Trenching Safety or Line Locating. Compared to our Breakout Sessions these workshops are longer deep dives into a topic. These sessions occur simultaneously therefore the same attendee may not attend both sessions. Following the morning workshop, you have the option to participate in 811 Certification Workshop or the Annual Meeting of the Membership. To attend the Annual Meeting, you must be affiliated with an OKIE811 member company. Kindly choose your morning workshop preference and confirm your attendance at the Annual Meeting by selecting your choice below. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for learning and networking! 

9am - Noon

Line Locating

Sooner A/B

Jason Crowe, Green Equipment Company

3-hour training.

This session will introduce locating and marking underground lines. This two-fold training will begin in the classroom with an overview of locating theory and technology. We will then have hands-on instruction outdoors to put into application what you have learned. You may bring your own locating device, or one may be provided.

Excavation, Trenching, & Safety

Boomer A/B

Jason Bullard, Anderson Safety

3-hour training.

This course covers OSHA standard 1926 subpart P: soil classification; sloping and benching; aluminum hydraulic shoring; requirements for protective systems; manufactured tabulated data; site specific engineering; and general requirements.

Member Service Area Mapping

Oklahoma G/H

Tyler Dunlap, OKIE811

3-hour training.

Improve your Service Area Mapping to ensure precise locate requests near your registered underground assets. When mapping accuracy is lacking, member companies may end up receiving requests for areas significantly distant from their actual asset locations. Enhancing your service area mapping not only saves time and money but also ensures that you receive only relevant locate requests for marking your facilities.

This training is perfect for individuals who are new to GIS or looking to expand their skills in service area mapping. Unlock the potential of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with our extensive training session designed for beginners. In this course, we will provide a thorough introduction to GIS concepts and showcase practical applications using QGIS, a robust and free open-source GIS software. The primary focus will be on enhancing your efficiency in creating and maintaining service area maps.

Noon - 1:30 : Lunch Provided

1:30 - 4:00

811 Certification

Sooner A/B

M.G. Govia, OKIE811

3-hour training.  

The objective of this program is to improve excavator safety through comprehensive training to prevent accidental damage to underground facilities during excavation.

Course content is specific to Oklahoma and the Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Act as well as Contact Center procedures and Best Practices. There is a 25- question test at the end that must be passed with an 80% or better score for the student to receive their certification.